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What to do when you need cash fast

What to do when you need cash fast: in 3 steps

Found yourself in a business cash flow dip and can’t wait? Every business owner knows this feeling and experience tells us that it’s a temporary challenge that you can overcome. Don’t let the panic set in and cloud your financial judgement. Know that there are plenty of options available to you when you need cash fast. Here we’ll talk you through three simple steps and considerations so you can move from cash chaos to calm and get the money flowing fast.

Step 1. Breathe.

People rarely make good decisions when they’re in panic mode – and that also applies to business. So first things first, take a moment to breathe and put the current state of your business into perspective. For an SME, peaks and troughs are just a part of the journey and though it can feel desperate right now, remember this too will pass. Your business cash flow issues will still be there in an hour, so if you need to eat something or take yourself out for a walk go and do that.

Step 2. Focus.

Now that you’ve hopefully been able to clear your head a bit, the situation should feel slightly more manageable. Let us assure you that there are loan options available for you and your business, no matter what your goals are.

If you’ve found Matias Group, you’re already in a wise place and have avoided being lured into some of the bad credit and payday loan websites cluttering up the market. On Matias Group you can feel confident you will be dealing with either reputable brokers and advisers, or directly with lenders; encompassing the entire lending market from top tier banks to individual investors.

Now’s the time to consider the basics of how much funding you want to apply for, the loan terms you can commit to, and whether you have a preference for the type of lender or professional advice you might engage.

Step 3. Take action.

Your head is clear, your research and preparation is solid and you know what you want. You’re now ready to take action and let our LOGIC Technology match you with the right funder. Matias Group can help you through the final steps to help you secure the ideal business loan with offers from across the entire lending market.

Complete an enquiry form and one of our expert Streaming Specialists will be in touch right away. We will listen to exactly what you need and help you create a successful listing on our marketplace. We’ll also see how we can help your business by introducing you to a selection of Matias Group approved specialist advisers. With the right listing and guidance, we look to bringing you offers from large lenders, fintechs and private lenders from across the country so you can make your selection and get the money flowing fast.


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