Matias Group is not your usual financial consultant. A single point concierge to an otherwise complex and time-consuming process, all of your business finance, asset finance and IT finance needs are taken care of with a friendly chat. From helping you maximise your financial options to your one-stop car buying consultant service, Matias Group offers the effortless financing journey.



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Luke Matias

I never wanted to be a ‘typical’ financier. And in my genuine love of life and my passion for the automotive industry, I saw an opportunity to design a life around the things I cared about the most: genuinely helping people achieve their goals, bringing honesty and transparency to an industry fraught with grey area, and talking to new people about exciting new things, every day.

In my mind there’s no such thing as work, no such thing as play – there is just life. I take the chance to help people, inform them and add value to their lives whenever or wherever the opportunity happens.