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The Matias Group provides All Finance, for All Business.  Our LOGIC technology enables us to seamlessly match our clients’ individual situations, with close to 300 different lending options.  We are not your average finance company.  We were built on Asset & Vehicle Finance, but using AI technology we have built our offering to deliver ALL FINANCE FOR ALL BUSINESS. 


Access to our extensive private lending network has provided massive value for clients looking to raise funds through 1st and 2nd mortgages when their ‘bank says no’.  Our innovative lending tools also provide access to global funding lines secured over Cryptocurrency assets too.


Internally, our culture is vital!  We believe you should love what you do every day so we work from inspiring places, laugh often, help as many people as possible every day, and take pride in the fact we change the lives of business owners across Australia.  We continue to find more ways to help our clients, connecting them to our vast business network, and we always try to make people smile.  We are an inclusive and passionate group that simply Love Life.

the Company

Our Director

Our Director
Luke Matias
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The reason I do what I do, my ‘WHY’ in life, is simply to find more ways to help the people around me. I love being in an environment where there is so much happiness and so many smiles. Helping the people around me, makes me a happier better person.

Over the last decade I have established a number of different entities across different industries, with the ability for them all to work together, providing extensive value to my one wonderful network.

In order to really show the underlying value proposition of my entities, alongside a number of businesses whom I refer into my network, I created the MATIAS GROUP.

Based around a core principle of 'All Finance for All Business' we have the right relationships to help in almost any business matter.

Through the MATIAS GROUP entity, education, awareness and opportunities are readily available for the people around me to gain from. I love to learn from new people and help new people, every single day.

Our Team

The Team
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L1 14 Spink Street, Brighton, Victoria, 3186, Australia 

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