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As leaders in the Digital Finance landscape, we can partner with you to unlock your Crypto Equity so you achieve both your business and personal ambitions. 


Matias Group is proudly at the forefront of the crypto lending market with access to Australian & International funds, ensuring our clients receive the best solution.

Use your crypto asset's value as security to gain access to funds whilst holding your position.
No need to sell your crypto asset or incur Capital Gains Tax to
 the liquidity you need.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency lending are part of our daily operations. We work with you along the entire process to ensure a seamless transaction. Cold storage or Off-Chain facilities are available 

Approvals can occur within 24 hours, with funds often landing in your account in minutes, providing you the liquidity you need to achieve your goals.



Assisting Crypto Entrepreneurs Access Capital

The Matias Group continue to pioneer the cryptocurrency lending field.

By drawing on extensive knowledge and experience in blockchain technology, coupled with a robust network of Australian and international lenders, Matias Group are normalising cryptocurrency lending on a daily basis.

Matias Group clients benefiting the most from this specialisation are crypto entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are inherently creative thinkers, full of grand ideas and ambitious concepts. They are innovators and early adopters. Entrepreneurs understand how to manage risk with calculated decision-making, with the ability to convert risks into opportunities and reap the benefits.

So how do crypto-rich, cash-poor entrepreneurs realise their grand ideas and ambitious concepts when traditional lenders – like the banks – don’t recognise their assets? When they can't provide a long history of trade? They contact Matias Group for like-minded individuals and innovative thinkers.

Utilising proprietary LOGIC technology, the MATIAS Group's team of commercial finance specialists deliver tailored lending solutions to crypto entrepreneurs that enable them to use their digital assets to secure hard assets to build their young businesses and bring their grand ideas to life. All without selling their cryptocurrency or incurring any capital gains tax.

If you are an entrepreneur with crypto assets looking for a way to unlock the cash you need grow your business, take a few minutes to explore our calculator below or get in touch to discuss lending opportunities with one of our commercial finance specialists.

Unlocking Crypto Value to Purchase Property

For Entrepreneurs
For Property Developers

With lending parameters tightening, property developers seeking funding are under even more pressure to lower the LVR, either through a cash injection or equity releases from other property. However, property developers holding crypto assets are in a unique position. They can leverage their digital assets to lower their LVR and gain the funding they require to actualise their developments.

In the current climate there is little motivation for big banks and traditional lenders to increase their knowledge and understanding of the digital world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency asset value. This is where the Matias Group’s expertise can help.

We can guide you through the process of using your digital asset as security to access its real value in Australian dollars and keep your cryptocurrency in cold storage. The approval process is fast, and with cash in the bank you will have the deposit you need to meet the LVR requirements needed to fund your next project or property purchase.

If you are a property developer holding cryptocurrency, don’t let a lack of liquidity stand in the way of achieving your quality construction projects and building business wealth. Explore our calculator below or contact us directly; we’re ready to be your commercial finance partner.

Crypto Loan Calculator

Collateral Needed 

Loan Term

Monthly Interest


Total Interest


Gain More From Your Digital Assets

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