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Access The Matias Group Lending Network.
 Matias Group Relationships.
Connect Your Clients to all Business Finance.

Being a Matias Group Broker allows the flexibility to work on your terms, with the added benefit of tapping into an existing business infrastructure. 
If you have a passion for commercial finance and have ever wanted to be your own boss, this could be the solution for you.

Achieve work-life balance by choosing your own hours and office location.


Enjoy the autonomy of being your own boss and establish your own brand identity, all with the backing of the Matias Group team.


Experience a low risk venture by leveraging our existing business set up and have readymade finance offerings for your clients from day 1.

Leverage our vast network of private lenders to connect your clients to lending solutions across 8 pillars of finance.

Access our market leading, proprietary LOGIC technology that enables a deeper analysis of a client’s business and uncovers more opportunities to help them achieve their long term strategic goals.

Enjoy personal and professional development with coaching from Matias Group founder and company director.

Benefit from a fully integrated Sales and CRM system and leverage cobranded marketing opportunities to help build your profile.

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