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Equipment Loan Calculator

Use our real-time loan calculator to plan your next purchase. Connect with a Lending Specialist today, to take advantage of our concierge service & lock in your interest rate! 


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The Chattel Mortgage allows the customer to own the equipment at the end of the term.  All Chattel Mortgage repayments include the GST component and in most cases allows the customer to claim the GST component in addition to interest and depreciation on the asset. 



The Operating Lease allows a business to keep their technology up to date without the need for ownership. In most cases the repayments are fully tax deductible.  At the end of term assets are commonly replaced with the lease rolling over for another term.

*All quotes are indicative and subject to approved applicants only

Why finance with us?

We help 100's of businesses access equipment finance

We analyse the entire market to ensure you receive the best rate

We make the entire process easy & you stay up-to-date every step of the way

Our Concierge Service

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We work alongside your accountant so that you can take advantage of the instant asset write-off.

We speak to the equipment supplier so you do not have to. We become your single contact point so you can remain focused on your business until your equipment is ready for delivery!

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