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Pay your suppliers on time with a trade facility and access  the stock you need to realise your business potential.

Whether your suppliers are overseas or on shore, Debtor & Trade Finance allows you the flexibility to pay suppliers up front and on time.

At Matias Group, we use our propriety LOGIC technology and leverage our powerful lending network to source the very best Debtor & Trade Finance Solution for our clients.

Increase your buying power with Debtor and Trade Finance.

Take advantage of up front payment incentives and discounts on bulk purchases without disrupting cash flow.


Mitigate supply risks with prompt payment and gain the confidence to capitalise on more opportunities, realising your business' full potential.

Build and maintain good brand health with a reputation for paying suppliers on time.


Strong supplier relationships are crucial to your business. They help improve your efficiency and your service to your customers. A great foundation for strong supplier relationships is settling your invoices on time and that's where Debtor & Trade Finance can help.

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