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Gain access to funds tied up in your clients' unpaid invoices and take control of your business' cash flow.

If your business is highly seasonal with invoicing peaks or your debtors are slow to pay invoices, this can impact your cash flow

Unlocking the cash in your invoices through Debtor & Invoice Finance Solutions empowers you to keep your business moving.

Measuring real-time Debtor vs Creditor timeframes is extremely complex.


At the Matias Group, we use real-time banking information, analysed against accounting software and invoicing data, to understand how we can most effectively unlock invoiced money


Our proprietary LOGIC technology then matches the best lender with your business.

We offer flexibility for our clients and can finance a single invoice or an entire ledger, with both disclosed and undisclosed invoicing options.

As you are empowered to continue growing your business and your sales increase, you will continue to tap into your growing invoice ledger.

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