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Do I need a Finance Broker?

Finance brokers are experts on the business lending market

Finance brokering is a specialist area of the financial services industry. People who work in this area have valuable know-how and insights into individual lenders, lending institutions, regulations, risks and trends. In Australia, brokers are typically split into two categories: mortgage brokers and finance (other credit) brokers – though there can be overlap. As you might gather, with all this knowledge built up over years of advising, licenced finance brokers are experts in lending. They can save you a lot of time and stress simply by way of their experience.

Finance brokers work to get you the best result

Finance Brokers spend their whole working day helping their clients become loan ‘approvable’, and then helping them select the right loan from what’s available. This is knowledge you should be taking advantage of if you want to get the best deal on your business loan. At Matias Group, we have gone one step further and built AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that matches your business with the right loan provider base your unique business position. Match with lenders now.

Working with a finance broker, you (in most cases) will have a better chance of approval, and can still pay less than you would if you were dealing directly with the lenders. This is because brokers can access much lower rates than an individual client, due to the scale of loans they secure, thereby reducing the operating costs of the lender.

Finance brokers can give you confidence to grow

There are different types of fee structures for Australian finance brokers, but it’s often the case that you as a client don’t pay any fees. Brokers make their fee by commissions or fees paid by the lenders. It’s best to do you due diligence to understand the fee structures, commissions and incentives of your broker so you can feel completely comfortable taking their advice. If you want any clarity around how this may effect your interest rate watch our 'Interest Rate Vs. Effective Rate' video.

If you’re working with a licenced, reputable broker, you can move ahead with confidence knowing that your broker has your back and will do their best to get you a great result. If you want to see how your current broker stacks up simply use our Audit Tool


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