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Buying a Car in the Next Year? 3 Critical Things to Consider

Has the time come to start thinking about your next vehicle purchase? Now, more than ever, planning for and locking in your next vehicle is critical to avoid disappoint. We have put together 3 key pieces of information to help navigate the car purchasing journey in this current climate…

1. Availability

The Matias Group team are forever speaking with car dealerships, getting the latest updates on stock levels and when the next delivery windows will be. Word on the grape vine is suggesting delivery on new cars is still 6-8 months and, in some cases, extending to 12 months. Unfortunately, it seems this won’t be changing anytime soon. Feel free to reach out to the team here to see what the current delivery timeframes are for particular brands. To ensure your new vehicle is on board for delivery, locking it in with a small refundable deposit or purchase order is critical. Discuss your options with the team here.

2. Used Car Market

If you have been scrolling through Car Sales, you would have noticed a significant increase in the average price on all used cars. In fact, up to a 34% increase for some brands and models in the past 12 months alone, by our calculations. With continuing pressure on availability of new vehicles, it feels like paying a premium on a quality used car is going to norm over the coming months and years. If you are looking at a dealer used-vehicle, getting a solid trade-in price can help offset the overall market price increase. Use our trade-in Assessment to ensure you are getting the best value for your trade-in. We send your current vehicle details directly to car wholesalers in your area, meaning you can get multiple offers on your trade in, NOT just where you are purchasing your new vehicle.

3. Finance

We understand finance isn’t the fun part of purchasing a new vehicle, however, if it is not prioritised it can cause a lot of headaches. If your contract is coming to an end and a balloon is in place, timing the purchase and delivery of your new vehicle with your old contract can be a balancing act. This is why the Matias Group Vehicle Concierge Service is a must when buying any vehicle. We take care of all these variables, so you can stay focused on your business. We act as an intermediary between the car dealer, lender and you to ensure a smooth transition into your new vehicle. Simply get in touch with the team to see how we can help today.

There you have it! 3 simple yet key factors to take into consideration when purchasing your next vehicle. If you have any question the Matias Group Lending Specialists are here to help.


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