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Extend Your Offering.
Integrate Flexible Finance Options.
Increase Your Sales.

MATIAS Vendor empowers vendors of commercial equipment and machinery to offer flexible finance solutions direct to their clients through an integrated online tool, powered by MATIAS.

Who is MATIAS Vendor for?

MATIAS Vendor is the ideal sales tool for businesses trading in heavy yellow machinery, tools & equipment, plant & manufacturing, or IT & office fitouts looking to increase their sales opportunities.


MATIAS Vendor allows businesses to leverage the powerful MATIAS Group lending network and extend their offering with direct access to flexible finance options for their clients.

How does MATIAS Vendor work?

The MATIAS tech team helps integrate a customisable finance calculator directly into a Vendor's website.

When negotiating a sale, Vendors use the finance calculator to access
market leading rates from lenders, matched to their client.


Vendors are enabled to start the finance application process for their client on the very same page of their website.

How does MATIAS Vendor increase sales?

The integrated finance calculator empowers sales teams to spontaneously quote a variety of finance options, perfectly matched to their clients.

Offering a finance option direct to clients helps to reduce friction and speed up the sales process.

By focusing on monthly repayments, sales teams can uncover greater access to lending support for their clients, increasing the potential volume and value of sales. 

How does MATIAS Vendor benefit clients?

Without being restricted to up front investment, clients have more freedom to grow their businesses.

Clients enjoy a seamless application process with concierge-style service provided by the MATIAS team of commercial finance specialists.

How it Works, in 30 Seconds

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