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Assisting Crypto Entrepreneurs Access Capital

Now we are becoming more well-known for cryptocurrency lending and anything blockchain oriented when it comes to the finance world, a lot of people, a lot of networks, a lot of subscribers are coming out of the woodwork. Now, how we can help. We have got 22-year old’s, 21-year old’s, who have got companies without really any dollars going through them, but they have grand ideas. In the meantime, over the past three or four years, they've been gaming, they've been working in this industry, they've been playing to earn, and they've got a cryptocurrency balance, assets, and they don't know how to fund their business, their grand ideas that are more expensive than ever before. I love it. Because if the bank says, no, that's when Matias Group get involved.

We are lending on cryptocurrency portfolio that they might have. We choose one from 13 different lenders globally that suits the clients directly. We will realize some Australian-based income and allow them to use that income to build their property, yes, to build their business, to build their network, to build their machine, whatever this might be. When the bank says no, but there's a cryptocurrency portfolio in play, this is where we really stand aside. It's a magical place this blockchain, and we are planting ourselves well and truly in the middle of it.

Looking at a Crypto Lending Facility? We are here to help

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