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Discovering Commercial Mortgages


Want to learn more about getting into Commercial Property? | Are you an investor/aspiring property investor? | Have the bank said no to your latest property purchase? | Looking to refinance property debt?

How we do Commercial Mortgages, differently

The ‘Why’ behind our business is being there for the 2.5million small business owners in Australia.  They take all the risk, pay plenty of the taxes, create all the innovation and are the basis of our economy, yet the major banks still say no’.


This has never been truer than right now, especially for our property investors, developers & flippers.  Any business owner/investor involved in property across all Australia no doubt has had these difficulties when trying to get finance approval in the last 12-18 months; Decreased loan-to-value ratio’s (LVR), increased credit requirements and seemingly nowhere to go. 


Well the good news is there is a lot of private money available to use as financing or debt for developments/investment properties/commercial space, and we have surrounded ourselves by close to one hundred private funding lines nationally with competitive rates (rates in the 4’s), high LVRs (up to 80% 1st mortgage in many cases) and the appetite to lend money when secured by property.


Enter your details  below to book in a quick chat with a specialist and receive our free COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE GUIDE, to see if there’s some funding that suits your next project.

How We Tailor and Find The Best Outcome For Your Business

We partner with a unique network of Private Lenders looking to provide funding for commercial opportunities

 Each lender has their own ‘lending appetite’ we can accurately match with our unique client requirements through our LOGIC technology

Access to flexible and rapid 1st/2nd Commercial Mortgage products, for purchases, or refinances, can mean the success of a project

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