About Luke Matias


I grew up in a finance family and have worked in the industry for nearly 20 years. Leaving the UK for Australia in 2005 as Captain of the Great British AFL side, it wasn’t long before the magic of Melbourne began opening doors for me and opportunities arose.

I never wanted to be a ‘typical’ financier. And in my genuine love of life and my passion for the automotive industry, I saw an opportunity to design a life around the things I cared about the most: genuinely helping people achieve their goals, bringing honesty and transparency to an industry fraught with grey area, and talking to new people about exciting new things, every day.

In my mind there’s no such thing as work, no such thing as play – there is just life. I take the chance to help people, inform them and add value to their lives whenever or wherever the opportunity happens.

Aside from my beautiful family, I throw my energy into anything that challenges me – mentally and physically! I enjoyed ten years with Caulfield Grammerians Football Club, some time competitive body building, and most recently began hiking and mountaineering. Yes, these are physically challenging. But they are also great ways to meet new people and share their stories and passions.

I firmly believe that if you don’t grab life with both hands, it can easily slip through your fingers. And I love helping people grab their opportunities every day.

Matias Group

Working hard to build and maintain my network, I now am proud to drive a group of businesses which can help people across a number of finance and lifestyle areas. I pride myself on being able to add genuine value to any business or individual I meet.

Always looking for ways to make a difference, I have found I have attracted a wonderful, knowledgeable group of like-minded people to the business. We all share a lust for life and an authentic desire to help and to share. We proudly put all of this into The Matias Group’s effective portfolio of products and services.

The Wooden Hangar

In 2014 Luke and his wife Courtney recognised a gap in the fashion industry and, with Courtney’s leadership and reputation in the industry, they founded The Wooden Hangar. 

A fashion and marketing agency exclusively importing brands from six different European countries and wholesaling nationwide, The Wooden Hangar brings exclusive fashion pieces to a large database of boutiques and chain stores.


OpenPay is a payment solution that allows a customer to buy now and pay later, interest free. This simple to use innovate platform has added a new way for customers to purchase and pay over time.

Businesses adding OpenPay to their business have seen average basket size increases and customer satisfaction grow. When customers have greater flexibility to maintain their personal cash flow and pay for items or service bills over time, they’ll love you that little bit more.


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