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Thanks for taking the time to explore all we have to offer the franchisee sector.
Read on to learn more about how we can help you
 gain swift access to the financial support you need, not just succeed, but thrive!  


In every instance, we utilise our proprietary LOGIC technology to digitally analyse your business and match you to the best finance solution for your individual needs.

We always work with your accountant to accurately structure your finance, ensuring your balance sheet reporting meets your business needs. 

There comes a time when every Franchisee needs to update their premises and complete a fresh, new fitout.

Understanding the best way to pay for a new fitout or choosing the right lending option can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. 


Matias Group is here to take a holistic view of your business portfolio and guide you to the finance solution that best suits your individual needs.

Good cash flow is crucial to every retail business.  When managed effectively, it can deliver the peace of mind of having a safety net to cover day to day operational expenses or unexpected costs, as well as the financial confidence to seize opportunities when they arise.


With Working Capital Finance options from Matias Group, Franchisees can access fast, flexible and convenient cash injections - the fuel  for every retail business engine.

If you have suppliers operating on short terms or even COD, it can be difficult to access and maintain the stock you need.

This is where Trade & Supplier Finance can help, allowing you the flexibility to pay suppliers on time or up front.

Increase your buying power, take advantage of bulk purchase incentives, maintain a great reputation for paying on time, all whilst delivering what your customers want, when they want it.

Whether you need to upgrade your equipment, your technology, or your company vehicles, there are fast and flexible finance options for franchisees to keep ahead of the competition and retain employees.


You may aspire to expand your franchise portfolio but are not sure how to leverage your existing business interests. This is where Matias Group's experience in commercial finance can deliver great benefit.

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