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Using Working Capital to Pay Off Tax Debt

How our working capital product is being used for tax debt. In 2021, there was a lot of business deferrals, financial deferrals. Any financial products you put in place, you were allowed to put them on six-month deferrals and not pay. It's added onto the backend of the contract.

Now, there was also a lot of deferrals from the ATO and they weren't chasing as hard for that were affected by the pandemic. Now, what that has left though is a significant bill. If your company is after working capital, the banks still have the same policy around. Do you have any debt to the tax office? In reality, nine out of 10 times, if you have any debt to the tax office they're not able to give you much in the form of working capital, unsecured, growth capital, etc, unless you are fairly well up to date on your ATO provisions.

We have 73 different Fintechs that we are associated with and there's a fair amount who actually lend for this specific purpose. So if your company is looking to remove tax debt from your balance sheet and pay it off directly from a FinTech, taking a business loan to pay out this tax debt, it is a big piece of what we do at the moment. It's not a long term strategy. Get the thing paid off, get it moving as soon as possible. As soon as you have got it paid off, it's almost as stepping stone into a more bankable product, a more reasonable product, a more long term facility. It's something we're doing every day and it's getting SMEs back on the right track to where they need to be.

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