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Using Cryptocurrency to Purchase Property

right now the banks don't understand or know how to deal quite with cryptocurrency, with blockchain, with any of these digital assets. But I'm also of the opinion that they don't really know how to work with property developers on property funding. There are hundreds of thousands of developers all over the country, sure, some are very high risk, but others have got fantastic work, have got fantastic ongoing businesses based on this, and the banks are just not supporting them like many of our SMEs. How cryptocurrency helps? What a bank will require, or any form of lender will require, is you to bring the LVR down on your development. And that is either cash-in, it's equity releases from other property, or, right now what we're doing, is taking cryptocurrency as leverage.

Let's say we take a million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin, we do a 50% LVR. We appreciate, we give you half a million dollars on 50% LVR worth of Australian dollars to using the real world. Now that cryptocurrency sat in cold storage. If it goes up, you take the upside. If it goes down to a point, you take the downside, but what you do with that half a million dollars that might pay for your deposit to bring your LVR down on your property purchase or on your property development requirements. It's a fascinating world, and for the sake of taking a couple of moments to go through our calculator, if you do have cryptocurrency ownership, it's a big opportunity there. It's a big opportunity to keep developing, to keep moving, to buy that property that otherwise seemed way out of reach.

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