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Navigating Unexpected Business Expenses

We had a client contact our team over the weekend and they were stressed beyond belief that they have an $85,000expense that they needed to pay on the following Tuesday. This is Sunday to Tuesday, two days, really one business day. We got the banking statements done, we have attached our accounting analysis. We can see every bit of cash flow. We know the business intimately through tech already. Ww matched them with the perfect FinTech funder by Monday morning.

They will have the money in their account Monday night. It's a one business day turnaround on $85,000 of unexpected costs. Not only that, there are no payout penalties for the contracts. So we've done a six month contract, but it's probably going to be paid out after about two months without bearing any more fees. It is a perfect product. They don't all work like that but when they do, it's magnificent.

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