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How we can Help With Purchasing Stock

Whenever any businesses require a purchase of stock or inventory, it can put a strain on cash flow. Our trade finance facilities help to remove this strain by allowing you flexible terms in which to pay your suppliers. This means your suppliers get paid on Day 1 and you pay the required amount off over a period of time that suits you.

An example of this may include a restaurant opening up after lockdown and needing to stock up the kitchen, or a business winning a new contract that requires them to scale up.

A trade finance facility enables you to grow using other people’s money and gives you time to create revenue from this expenditure: allowing you to pay off the facility comfortably. By using other people’s money to scale up, you are leaving your business in a cash flow-effective position.

We have successfully put trade finance facilities in place all over the country, allowing businesses to scale considerably faster than with the money in their business accounts. Get in touch with us to discuss trade facilities further.

Looking at a Trade Facility? We can help

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