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How we Aid Overseas Purchases

Whether it is for use within your business, or the on-sell of goods, purchasing overseas from here in Australia has always been a challenge requiring a cash upfront facility.

Through our trade and debtor finance facilities, we can support with overseas purchases of:

  • Stock

  • Equipment

  • Products

  • Services

To realise those discounts of buying products from overseas or purchasing stock, a trade facility must be in place. We can give anywhere from 30-90 days or so (depending) whilst the product is transported here. Once it arrives onshore and becomes an Australian product, everything gets signed off and we are able to put a regular finance product in place. This could be a standard chattel mortgage, sale and leaseback or other.

We have got millions of dollars floating on the seas coming towards this great country at ours at any one point and would love to discuss how our trade and debtor finance can assist you with your overseas purchases further.

Looking at a Trade Facility? We can help

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