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Cryptocurrency to Purchase Luxury Cars

No one wants to pay high risk money for a $600,000 Lamborghini. So how are we helping this? We are bringing cryptocurrency lending into this market and it excites me thoroughly in that we might be taking 400K worth of Ethereum and placing it in cold storage, placing it in a wallet, taking leverage over that and allowing 50, 60% LVR on that Ethereum, which frees up a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars to use in the real world.

That couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars might bring a 600K lend down to a 400K lend. Then all of a sudden it fits the  risk profile of the lender and might just do the deal based at very low rates. It might just make sense. Rather than using cash money, people in our network, and now we're getting access to using their cryptocurrency as leverage. 

What happens if crypto goes up in the meantime? If it goes from 400 to 600, guess what? In many cases with the products we're using, you get to keep the upside. So, that pays off a lot of the principle. It's a fascinating mechanism and one that we are highly passionate about. 

Looking at a Crypto Lending Facility? We are here to help

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