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Capitalising on Opportunities with Commercial-use Mortgages

One of our clients at the Matias Group has just had a magnificent opportunity. January 2022, there's obviously a demand for PPE and they had an opportunity to bring in some significant volumes. But they didn't have the cash flow, they didn't have the $1.2 million they needed. So the gentleman, owner of the business had an investment property with no debt on it. We managed to put a 75% private lending LVR, first mortgage on it, which covered that $1.2 million.

Now, why would you do this rather than going to a bank? He went to his own bank, the bank said, "No." The bank asked immediately what the debt is for even though he owns the property. He's paid all his bills, he's a wonderful client, he's got financials. They asked what the debt was for and he told them it was a new venture, a new opportunity. The bank doesn’t like this, and they hastily declined.

We managed to find some secured private first mortgage lending for him. It was done at just under 7% per annum, but he only needed the money for three months. All costs or interests were amortized onto the back end of the loan, including the fees, brokerages, everything in between, apart from a small $5,000 application fee. Now, what upside did this give our client? He sold his product, his stock at 150% increase. He made, cleared over a million and a half dollars in a month because he had access to funds. He had access to movement. He was open minded around how to get to that point, get to that end goal. And spending the money, doesn't matter if it cost him $50,000, $100,000 in terms of what was added onto his mortgage, he made the upside and it came out wonderfully well.

That's the sort of stuff we do private lending for. It's not for everyday spending, it's for that opportunity when you have it in front of you and you need to act fast and you don't have any other access. It just gives you absolutely every piece of upside. Wonderful way of doing business, great to be a part of.

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