Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

How do I know which type of finance is best for me?

Once we have discussed your position and purpose for the finance, we will be able to work out the best type of loan/lease to best suit you.

What is a balloon/residual?

A balloon or residual is a lump sum amount that is held until the end of the contract to bring down your monthly repayments. Once you reach the end of the contract, you can simply refinance the rest, pay it out or talk to us about getting into a new car.

How do I know which funder to go with?

Simple, we will be able to match you with the best lender for your situation once we have discussed your needs.

Existing Clients

Where do I get statements?

Your funder won’t send these out routinely, however, we can request one for you. Simply email requesting a Statement of Accounts and we will have one sent over to you.

How do I find out my remaining balance?

To get an accurate payout, email one of our team and we will get one from your funder.

How do I change my bank account that the repayments are taken out of?

Easy, just Email your new bank details to one of our team, we will be happy to get this changed over for you.

Can I upgrade my car before the end of the contract?

Yes! Email the team at and we will arrange a time to talk with you to work out the best way to get you into your new upgrade!