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Reduce Your Tax Position
Now more than ever you MUST be prepared!



 The Instant Asset Write-Off


There is no better time than now to consider your options if you're looking to upgrade your vehicle or any asset associated with your business. 

Commercial purchases, both new and used, are able to be 100% written off or depreciated against profit in your company FY22 tax return.  A purchase of any piece of equipment and machinery helps reduce tax payable.  Any wheeled assets (vehicles/trucks/trailers etc) are depreciated 100% up to the relevant Luxury Car Tax limits.

The stimulus to spend has never been more significant in recent history BUT you must be considerate of cash flow with all of this spending seemingly so beneficial.  We have educated for many years on the benefit of financing depreciating assets, and putting cash into areas that appreciate - staff/innovation/property/investments.  Calculated spending in line with budget is imperative, we work with every client on making sure this balance is met.

Finance Approvals

In the current climate, obtaining a conditional approval has never been more valuable.  With financiers ‘moving the goalposts’ on a weekly basis, having an official approval in place removes any potential issues towards the settlement period.

MATIAS Group will expedite your approval allowing you to concentrate on "shopping" for your purchases.  We can then work with your supplier making sure monies are ready for the delivery with our team on your side every step of the way.

Common Assets Purchased:

Cars | Commercial Vehicles 

Trucks | Trailers

Office Equipment

IT Hardware | Software

Printers | AV

Earth-moving Equipment | Yellow Goods

Manufacturing | Automation



There are two main factors that you do need to consider to get the best outcome for your asset write off in FY22:

Supply Chain Interruptions

With waiting lists on new vehicles up to 12 months, locking in a delivery window before EOFY is critical to take advantage of the instant asset write-off in FY22.   Its imperative to get all information through to us so we can do our best work for you.

Interest Rate Increases

Interest rates are, and will continue to increase, so the sooner you lock in your finance contract the cheaper your overall purchase will be!

Low – Doc Options


Coming into the last quarter of FY22, MATIAS Group once again can access top-tier funding without the need for Company Financials. 

For purchases <$150,000, we can approve if your company is:

  • 2 years+ GST registered

  • Director property ownership (no property security required)

  • Clear credit history (no defaults/judgements)

For companies that qualify, rates are still mid-single digits without the need for Company Financials

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