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Elevate Your Offering.
Connect Your Clients to all Business Finance.
Unlock an Additional Revenue Stream.

The MATIAS Associate Program connects accountants and brokers to the powerful MATIAS Group lending network, enabling their clients to receive the lending support needed to grow their business.

Who is the MAP for?

Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and Finance Brokers seeking to connect their clients to finance options beyond the big banks.

Accessing the MATIAS Associate Program allows accountants and brokers to elevate their offering and work in partnership with clients by connecting them to the funding they need to attain their business goals. 

How does the
MAP work?

By leveraging a vast network of private lenders and utilising our proprietary LOGIC technology, the MATIAS Group's team of commercial finance specialists delivers tailored lending solutions across 8 pillars of finance.


Detailed funding analysis conducted by our LOGIC technology matches a client's individual needs to the best lender, without affecting their credit score.

How does MAP unlock revenue?

By referring a client to the MATIAS Group, an accountant or broker becomes a member of the MAP.


When a finance solution is finalised for the referred client, the MAP member is financially compensated, unlocking an additional revenue stream.

Members of MAP are compensated not only for the original finance solution, but any future finance solution secured for that client by MATIAS Group.

How does MAP benefit clients?

Through our personalised, concierge style service, we take the time to understand each client's individual situation.

Clients enjoy a frictionless process as they obtain access to the lending support they need to grow their business.

With detailed funding analysis we are able to uncover more opportunities for clients to achieve their long term strategic goals.

Finance Solutions for Accountants & Brokers

Become an integral partner in your clients' business​ by connecting them to the right finance for their individual needs.

MATIAS Group offers All Finance for All Business and specialise in commercial lending solutions across
8 pillars of finance.

How it Works, in 45 Seconds

Helping our Clients Succeed with MAP


"IT is a critical component of most businesses and can often have large capital expenditure when upgrading key components.


Matias Group have been our internal finance partner for over 3 years, allowing our clients to purchase the right IT solution without compromising or hurting their cashflow.


As well as managing the IT side, Matias Group have also been able to assist with additional requirements such as cars and machinery. Navigating finance can be confronting so it pays to have the right experts in your corner."

David. S

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