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Presented by Luke Matias

How Blockchain will Disrupt / Revolutionise the Property Industry

Once Luke Matias has addressed the notion of "what is this blockchain, and how does it relate to the property industry", he covers three main key points:

  • Labour is our Genius & our Friction  -   (The Problem)

    • What industries have had their entire industry effected beyond their control by technology​

    • Taking off the blinkers when it comes to change

    • Accepting that change is on the horizon

  • NFT's - Turning Gorilla's into Skyscrapers  -  (What Technology is available)

    • What is an NFT (in real terms) and what does it mean in the Australian Property industry?​

    • Digital ownership of property

    • Tokenisation of property

    • The ability to use Cryptocurrency as security for a loan

  • What is the Opportunity  -  (Ideas for making your client user-experience better)

    • Efficient collection and passing of information​

    • Bringing LVR's down using Cryptocurrency lending - useable cases for those with Crypto assets

    • More transactions within a global market

    • Have you clients look at your business in awe

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