Finance Information

What is a Chattel Mortgage?

The Chattel Mortgage allows the customer to own the equipment with $0 residual at the end of the term. All Chattel Mortgage repayments include the GST component and in most cases allows the customer to claim the GST component in addition to interest and depreciation on the asset. The debt will be included as a liability on the Balance Sheet.

What is an Operating Lease?

The Operating Lease allows a business to keep their technology up to date without the need for ownership. This decreases the chance of equipment becoming obsolete as companies can replace/update their equipment more often. In most cases the repayments are fully tax deductible. At the end of term assets are commonly replaced with the lease rolling over for another term.

What funder will Matias Group use?

The best for your client. Our Automated AI Technology matches your client's requirements to the most relevant funder

Financial Calculator

Are the monthly repayments exact?

No, they are indiciative and depend on the strength of the client. However, the Matias Group will ensure the best possible product is obtained for the your client

What if my client wants to put in a balloon?

No problem! When we call your client we will discuss the best contract structure to suit their situation.

Client Submission Process

How long does it take the Matias Group Team to get in contact with my client?

Within the same business day one of the team will be in contact with your client to start the finance process.

How to use the Vendor Portal?

Simply click here to watch a walk-through of how to use our Vendor Portal

General Support

How do I access my Vendor Portal

Your portal will be For example Matias Group will be:

Who do I contact for IT help?

Simply email for any support questions.