May 22

I find that a lot of our customers have a mental barrier with spending $100,000 on a car. Yet, $1,500/ month is less than they want to spend. This is one of the reasons for this series so that people know what they can get for that amount of money.

This piece has been prepared by Luke Matias and is based on a range around $1,500 per month with 25-30% residual over five years gives you a spend of approximately $95-$105,000.

BMW X5 3.0d with M-Sport, Innovations, and Comfort Pack

The fully loaded BMW X5 3.0d is as much car as anyone in the market will ever need. It is my go-to whenever people ask for a car in the $90-100,000 range. For man, woman, professional, retired, adventurous and someone simply wanting to impress. The engine is frugal, the looks’ sporty, the tech makes your life easy and it simply ticks all the boxes.

An Audi would fill this ‘Sports Car’ Gap – BUT not sure between

TT-S Convertible


RS-3 Sedan

The new range of Audi’s have brought so much new tech to the table. I wanted to pick a sports car in this range and I couldn’t pick between the convertible TT- S and the jet RS-3. Both are so much fun to drive, the TT being a car you just want to be seen in and the RS-3 having that bit more spunk under the hood.  The current tech that Audi use in their higher models is so impressive, the digital nav behind the steering wheel, the large LED screens and the safety inclusions just make you feel so comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Not sure which I would prefer in my driveway, but I wouldn’t be displeased with either.

Land Rover Discovery SD4 4×4

This is a late edition, I was not expecting to include this in my favourite cars but, learning more about it I just became so impressed with the luxurious interior sat on top of a genuine all-terrain conqueror. Having seven genuine seats, same technology as the Range topping Vogue and yet being able to “climb over mountains” to me is just so impressive.










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